Recipe: Yummy Classic mojito cocktail

Classic mojito cocktail. A classic cocktail that originated in Cuba, the mojito is a favorite summertime beverage worldwide. The mint and lime give it a cool, refreshing flavor, and the soda lightens it up with a fizzy crispness. Mojito (/moʊˈhiːtoʊ/; Spanish: [moˈxito]) is a traditional Cuban highball.

Classic mojito cocktail

Here's a classic mojito recipe, perfectly balanced with lime, rum and fresh mint! This iconic Cuban cocktail is refreshing and just sweet enough. Is there any cocktail more refreshing than a mojito? You can cook Classic mojito cocktail using 6 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Classic mojito cocktail

  1. Prepare of Granulated sugar.
  2. You need leaves of mint.
  3. It’s of Lime.
  4. It’s cube of Ice.
  5. It’s of soda drink.
  6. You need of Lemon juice.

The Mojito is one of the most popular rum cocktails served today, with a recipe known around the world. It may be a simple cocktail recipe, but there's a lot to know about this humble beverage. Thanks to its refreshing mix of sugar, lime, and mint, the simple mojito is a classic summer drink, perfect for. We absolutely love the simplicity of a classic mojito cocktail.

Classic mojito cocktail instructions

  1. PROCEDURE : wash mint leaves and cut the lemon Add some Lemon wedges and mint leaves and squash it together _Add granulated sugar and lemon juice follow by some squash ice cube,add soda water or you can use soda drink like sprite or Dew. _add some extra ice cube on the top garnish with mint leaves and lemon slice Classic MOJITO cocktail is ready.

Thanks to white rum, fresh mint, lime Mojitos are easy to make for one or for a crowd. For the best tasting cocktail, don't skip the fresh. These days, there's a whole host of different takes on the classic Mojito. How to Make the Ultimate Mojito. Ernest Hemingway didn't drink them, but life's still better with this Cuban cocktail in hand.