Naanakhatta (cookies). Here This is a special recipe of Naan khatai which is hollow from inside ,mouth melting really very tasty ,It is my sisters recipe which i am sharing here. And now add oil and water, then mix well without any lumps. Nankhatai Recipe with step by step photos.

Naanakhatta (cookies) Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita, Câu truyện xoay quanh nhanh vật Raul, anh chàng đã không thể trở thành Anh Hùng. Raul Chaser is the main protagonist ana nuisance Raul quickly warms to Fino because of her enthusiasm and sincerity, which remind him of the hard time he had adjusting to "civilian" life after the Demon King was defeated. Animes Online » Animes » Ecchi » Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita. You can cook Naanakhatta (cookies) using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Naanakhatta (cookies)

  1. Prepare 500 g of Al purpose flour-.
  2. Prepare 300 g of sugar -.
  3. You need 300 g of pure ghee -.
  4. Prepare 10-12 pcs of Roasted cardamom -.
  5. You need 2 pinch of biocarbonate of soda.

Kurumi Mirai is in the first year of high school. She has enrolled in junior high section of the Redrun Magic School. Nan khatai is an authentic Indian sweet and savory eggless cookie that can be easily prepared at In this step by step photo recipe of nan khatai, you will learn how to make this buttery cookie at home in. Yūsha ni Narenakatta Mena wa Shibushibu Shūshoku o Ketsui Shimashita. (勇者になれなかった俺はしぶしぶ就職を決意しました。, lit.

Naanakhatta (cookies) step by step

  1. First grind sugar and cardamoms in to a fine powder. (Roast for two min) or you can use venilla essence instead of cardomam..
  2. Then in a big bowl add all the ingredients together and mix well to form a dough. And keep it for ten min..
  3. Then make a small round shape or any shapes as you want. If you want coloured nankathai you can add any colour to it..
  4. By using baking tray Bake at 180 c. For 6-7 min.Untill golden brown..
  5. If the shape is small, 7 min, if your making it big keep upto 10 min..

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