Ayam Masak Merah.

Ayam Masak Merah You can cook Ayam Masak Merah using 21 ingredients and 17 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Ayam Masak Merah

  1. Prepare of To blend (to kisar).
  2. Prepare of & half red big onion (Bewang merah).
  3. Prepare of garlic (Bawang putih).
  4. Prepare of Ginger (thinly sliced).
  5. Prepare of Ayam embal.
  6. It’s of salt.
  7. It’s of Approx 3kg of chicken.
  8. You need of Equal amount of powdered tumeric (serbuk kunyit).
  9. It’s of Stir fry (Tumis).
  10. Prepare of red huge onions to caramelised (bawang merah).
  11. You need of lemongrass.
  12. Prepare of Chili Paste (see my previous recipe).
  13. Prepare of Tomato purée.
  14. It’s of Others.
  15. It’s of tomatoes.
  16. Prepare of Coriander (Daun ketumbar).
  17. You need of crushed almonds or cashews.
  18. It’s of Fried small onions (Bawang goreng).
  19. You need of Salt.
  20. Prepare of Sugar.
  21. It’s of Condiments (Chili & Tomato sauces).

Ayam Masak Merah step by step

  1. Fry chicken lightly with a bit of salt + powdered turmeric (Goreng Ayam embal2).
  2. Fryyy them baby.
  3. To blend (kisar).
  4. Blend kisar stuff.
  5. To stir fry (tumis): sliced the onion thinly & punch (tumbuk) the ends of lemongrass.
  6. To stir fry (tumis): stir fry (tumis) the thinly sliced onions.
  7. Tumis: Insert Chili BOH into caramelised onions.
  8. To stir fry (tumis): 4 spoonful of Chili Boh for every 1 kg of chicken.
  9. To stir fry (tumis): Tumis until there is a fragrance (pecah minyak)before putting in lemon grass & kisar stuff.
  10. Tomatoe purée and gagus or almond.
  11. Prepare tomato & coriander (daun ketumbar) as such.
  12. Insert tomato & coriander (daun ketumbar).
  13. Add crushed almond & salt.
  14. Add sugar.
  15. Add condiments (chili & tomato sauces).
  16. Add fried small red onion (bawang goreng).
  17. Lastly, chicken!!!!!.