Recipe: Appetizing Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays

Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays.

Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays

You can cook Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays using 7 ingredients and 18 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays

  1. Prepare 18 cm of diameter cake Spongecake.
  2. Prepare of Ingredients for the filling and outside:.
  3. You need 2 of cartons Heavy cream.
  4. Prepare 60 grams of Sugar.
  5. Prepare of Filling and Decoration.
  6. You need 1 of Fruit (I recommend kiwi and canned peaches).
  7. It’s 1 of Cookie or Chocolate pen (for the face).

Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays step by step

  1. Add heavy cream and sugar into a bowl. Whip until very stiff peaks form. This is an important point in decorating the cake..
  2. Slice the spongecake horizontally into 3 layers. Cut the top slice into 4 strips..
  3. In an 18 cm bowl, place 1 sheet of spongecake. Place the 4 cut strips on top. Lightly push to make the pieces fit evenly..
  4. Cut the fruit (it tastes better when there's a lot) into small cubes. Add about 1/4 of the whipped cream (adjust according to the amount of fruit), and mix..
  5. Add the mixture from Step 4 into the spongecake prepared in Step 3. Stuff it until becomes almost like a lid on the spongecake..
  6. Place the remaining spongecake on top, cover with a lid and gently push from the top to even it out..
  7. Flip it onto a plate and cover completely with whipped cream. If you decorate as in Step 9, coat with cream as thinly as possible. You can skip Step 9 if you want..
  8. If you do not decorate the cake as seen in Step 9, cut a milk carton and use the wide portion to lightly brush on the cream. This technique looks so pretty when finished!.
  9. Using a star shaped decorating tip, pipe stars in a circle. If you use some strength at the top while squeezing, it will look pretty..
  10. When you finish covering the whole cake, decorate however you want using cookies, chocolate or a chocolate pen..
  11. I made the ears from square cookies placed diagonally. The eyes and nose are chocolate covered almonds, the whiskers are chocolate pen. The flower by the ear is made from strawberries..
  12. I made a rabbit version too. I added Monin-brand strawberry syrup to the cream to make a pink color. The eyes and nose are chocolate pieces, the mouth is made with a chocolate decorating pen! It's realistically fluffy and cute..
  13. The ears are Oreo cookies, the cheeks are strawberries, the eyes and nose are drawn with chocolate pens. Garnishing with a message on cookies is ok too..
  14. Mix heavy cream and cocoa powder with a tiny bit of boiling water. The eyes are chocolate covered almonds, the nose is made from cookies with strawberry jam..
  15. Here's the Mickey version: the big ears are baby senbei (rice cracker). Since they're heavy, I supported them with wafers. I tried cutting the strawberries and mango into little hearts..
  16. Here's the Anpanman version: the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth are made from chocolate pen. The nose and cheeks are cookies!.
  17. The pink is strained blueberry jam mixed with cream. The ears are 2 round baby senbei (rice crackers) covered with cream drawn as hearts..
  18. It's also cute if you use a small bowl or tea cup to make mini cakes..
Recipe: Appetizing Realistic Character Cakes for Birthdays

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