Dry rounded Panla fish pepper soup. Bangla fish Baking floor Dry pepper Stalk cube Spicy tea Onions Vegetable oil Garlic powder Salt to taste. Unripe plantain,table spoon of red oil, pepper, onions, crayfish maggi and salt to taste. Fish Pepper Soup – A quick and easy robustly flavored African Fish Soup.

Dry rounded Panla fish pepper soup Nigerian Pepper Soup is the hot and spicy soup recipe. Learn how to prepare the Cat Fish, Beef, Goat Meat and Chicken Pepper Soup. People usually go to exclusive bars or restaurants to eat the Pepper Soup. You can have Dry rounded Panla fish pepper soup using 2 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Dry rounded Panla fish pepper soup

  1. Prepare of Pepper, Tomatoes, pepper soup scipe, Maggi, Salt,.
  2. Prepare of Saint leaves, dry rounded fish (panla).

This is because this Nigerian soup recipe is believed to be prepared with 'secret'. Pepper soup is a spicy dish made from a distinct blend of ground seeds, spices and fresh herbs. Add the onions, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, bay leaf, dried and smoked. Fish pepper soup is often used as the first dish.

Dry rounded Panla fish pepper soup instructions

  1. Grind pepper n Tomatoes but don't make it too smooth rather in a scanty way.
  2. Slice the saint leaves.
  3. Place the pot on fire and add water depending on d quantity of fish.
  4. Add d grinded pepper and tomatoes, grinded dry pepper, pepper soup ingredient,salt and maggi.
  5. Add also the sliced saint leaves. Leave all to heat for five minutes. Then you add the fish into it and allow to heat for 25min so d pepper can spare in to the fish.
  6. Then ur pepper soup is ready.

Also, it has a curative effect in case of fever or cold. This Nigerian soup is traditionally cooked with catfish. Learn how to make Chicken Pepper soup with list of peppersoup ingredients, Goat meat Pepper soup, Catfish Pepper soup and more! fish or meat, or watever grounded pepper, u know the dry grounded ones raw pepper, i use rodo ginger garlic, cant cook without that bay leaves Add peppersoup seasoning and the broth or stock (or water) and simmer over low heat for ten to twenty minutes. Add the dried shrimp, mint leaves, and. Slice yam into round pieces, remove back with a knife, and then place in a pot of water.